5 Ways PRIVATE TREATY SALE VS AUCTION Will Help You Get More Buyers

Home property for sale through private treate sale agreement.
5 Ways PRIVATE TREATY SALE VS AUCTION Will Help You Get More Buyers
5 Ways PRIVATE TREATY SALE VS AUCTION Will Help You Get More Buyers

Private Treaty Sale Vs Public Auction, which is better?

Renovated kitchen is staged for selling to prospective buyers.
Renovated kitchen is staged for selling to prospective buyers.

If you are selling your home, and are finding ways to sell, then the methods to sell your property puts you in a considerable dilemma. Whether to opt for private treaty sale or go for auction? Which method is cost effective and which is the best to get a good sale price on the property. Which method can maximize the returns? To find out answers to these questions one might need property dealers or agents to negotiate on behalf of them and choose the appropriate method for sale proceeds. Here is where Sellable comes in to picture because they are the best facilitators for property selling and buying. They make your selling or buying experience very smooth without any hassle. Selling a home has never been easy, it has always been a time consuming and arduous task with so many processes to complete in order to get the property to saleable condition. The process of finding an agent, setting up the price, finding the buyers and if the property is not in good condition, then renovating it to presentable level to stage it to sell. These processes can be time-consuming as well it involves a lot of expenditure that can cut into your returns on the home property. In order to escape all that and find a reliable solution to your selling process, you need Sellable to do all the running on your behalf without much cost to you.  Sellable has a professional team to back you

Private Treaty Sale Vs Auction

While both methods have their pros and cons, these methods are widely used for selling residential properties in Australia. Now coming to the private treaty sale vs auction, we will first discuss Private treaty sale. Why private treaty sale? What are the pros and cons of private treaty sale?

When you have decided that, you would go for a private treaty sale procedure for selling your residential property, first you should know what private treaty sale is. It is a process where you have to list your residential property for sale and set the pre-determined selling price. The prospective buyers, who come to know about the pre-determined price, then make offers to the concerned real estate agent dealing with this property. Then the agent presents all the offers he receives to you, where you can decide whether you want to sell or look for more offers that are suitable.

Now let us look at the pros and cons of private treaty sale


  • Better negotiation, there is every chance that one can negotiate for the best sale price for the residential property through the real estate agent.
  • Time is important, where one can take considerable time to decide on the offers made by the buyers.
  • Costs, as one need not spend money on marketing as the real estate agent deals with prospective buyers who have already indicated their interest in buying properties from him.
  • Privacy of deal, as the negotiation for the sale price, is done privately between two parties, there is privacy surrounding the private deal.


  • Longer time, due to the flexible duration of time because there are no deadlines set for the deal to complete, as there would be no urgency on the buyer’s behalf to buy the property. This may prolong for a long time until a deal is finalized to the finish.
  • Inconvenient, for one, have to arrange for individual inspection of the property for prospective buyers who show interest in the property until it is sold.
  • Cooling off period, where the buyer can take his own sweet time during the private treaty and may change his mind at any time during this period that may be long sometimes.

The best tips for private treaty sale to be successful

  • Selecting real estate agent, as this is a very important aspect of private treaty sale, one has to explore all the agencies and choose the right real estate agent as you would be teaming with him for negotiations with the relevant buyers, you can also look at the fees and charges associated with the private treaty sale.
  • Generate interest in the property, give the prospective buyers a flexible time to inspect the property, get the property cleaned up and renovated to stage it for sale. Make it more attractive to the customers; you can also opt for marketing the property.
  • Setting up the sale price, you can take help from your real estate agent for fixing the price. As he knows the market price of the residential property, it is better to fix a higher price to be flexible for negotiations with the buyers.

Now let us discuss property auction. In a public auction of the residential property, the interested buyers take part in the proceedings of the auction and bid on the property. Whoever bids higher than all the others do, which we call as the highest bid, gets the rights on the property. Before bidding, the seller sets a reserve price for the property; the final bid that is the highest, above the reserve price is accepted as winning bid. Usually, 10 percent of the property price is deposited with the auction house.

Public auction, its pros, and cons.       


  • The date and time can be fixed to suit your timing of selling the property unconditionally. This is to ensure you can time the auction according to market demand for your property.
  • There is always urgency during the public auction period, where there is competition among interested buyers to bid higher and higher that can lead to the better and higher sale price.
  • There is no cooling off period like in private treaty sale. The interested buyer who bids highest takes over the property, the selling will be quick and easy. There is no wasting of time.
  • Here the seller can be confident of getting the basic price he set a reserve price or higher sale price according to the bidding by the buyers.


  • Sometimes it is beyond feasible, due to the aggressive environment during the auctions of properties, which may keep most buyers away from these auctions. It is better to deal in privacy for peaceful sale settlement of the residential property rather than getting involved in fights over the property. Another factor that needs attention is that buyers cannot get preapproved finance for these auctions where one is not definite about the sale price because of bidding on the property.
  • Sometimes it is the cost of going for the auction, which is a discouraging factor due to the very high cost of expenditure. There is a requirement of the very high marketing budget, and one has to cover all costs even if the property does not sell, you have to pay even to the auctioneer and the real estate agent who is involved. This method is not at all suitable.

The best tips for public auctions to be successful

Generally, when one is associated with an auction of properties, they need to do their homework in advance, which involves strategy, basic reserve price, selection of auctioneer and real estate agent.

  • The reserve price is the most important factor in public auctions, where one needs to carefully, estimate the costs of conducting such auctions, like marketing and other overheads to cover costs. In this decision, one should be willing to sell the property at reserve price that you set in advance before the auction and that there should be no going back on that.
  • Prepare all the paperwork needed for completing the formalities of an auction like transfer of ownership and schedule of payment to implement the sale that is writing a contract.
  • There are many property auctioneers available, one has to do extensive research and zero in on the best auctioneer who can have considerable say on how the auction goes.
  • Setting up the budget for the expenditure, fees, and charges of all the involved people in the auction like the real estate agent, auctioneer, and marketing budget. Generally, it costs about 1 percent of the sale price of the residential property.

Best options and methods of selling your home have been discussed in detail, now it is time to take a decision on which method to opt in. There are several ways that you can get help.

If you were thinking which would be the right option for you?

The best advice is to contact Sellable without any further delay as they are thorough professionals in this field of real estate. Whether you are selling or buying, they help you all the way. The settlement time is very short. Sellable is known to take responsibility for all the processes involved in property selling.

When you contact Sellable and give all the details of your property, they will analyze the market value and calculate the value of your home depending on its condition.  Then give you a price offer on your property. They also take into consideration the renovation works on the property to stage it for selling. Even before selling, they offer to give you cash for the said property within seven days of your request to sell the property through them after you accept their sale offer. They take the risk on your behalf to sell at a price the market fetches. They will pay you cash as soon as you will hand over the home keys to them. If the property fetches a higher sale price, then they would pay you 75% of the higher value they get on the Sale price and they keep 25% of higher value on price as costs incurred on your behalf for the renovation of your home before staging it to sell. You need not to worry about the sale because Sellable will do all the running for you to make the Sale on your behalf without any hassle.

Sellable services people from all lifestyles, with utmost dedication and professionalism. All this at a meager charge of 2% on the property value, unlike other real estate agents where they charge for every phase of the selling process, which would be very high. Sellable is the best advantage for you, it lets you sleep in peace without any worry. Sellable is the best option for you!

Know what services Sellable provides you:

  • Peace of Mind: You get to know how much you are going to be paid for your residential property. You will get prior information regarding when you are going to be paid the full amount. There is no risk involved with your property, as Sellable is going to take the responsibility of selling your property, they will pay you the amount even before they sell in the market.
  • The flexibility of Payment: You can choose the date you want to be paid or you get paid on the date you move out of the property. The cash will be transferred to your account as soon as you hand over the property keys to Sellable.
  • Upfront Fees: Sellable never asks or demands upfront charges from you. They deduct the charges from the amount being paid to you. No hassles at all!
  • Quick Payments: After you have accepted the Sellable offer for your residential property, they pay you on or after seven days from the offer acceptance date. It is generally 87 days in the market from listing to settlement. See the difference between Sellable and other real estate agents.
  • Renovation: Sellable renovates your home property and stages it for selling and they share the increase in property value due to this improvement without you spending a dime on the costs, Sellable takes care of everything from A to Z, and share any revenue out of increased value with you. The costs of renovating are deducted while they pay you on the higher value up to 75% and retain 25% as costs.

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