What is episodic content marketing?

How do you stand out among the crowd when so much content is flooding the market? Some of the marketers in today’s generation are turning to episodic content marketing to beat the competition. Captivating your audience with Episodic content is the norm today.

Episodic content marketing and its impact on target audience

Episodic content marketing is a lengthy content divided into small “episodes”. The process of storytelling that follows a plot, and slowly reveals the suspense with each episode is episodic content. This way of storytelling has an impact on the minds of the viewers and is an efficacious way of connecting with prospective customers who keep wanting for more.

The various episodic content marketing ways are through blog post articles and videos, where videos are more effective in conveying the content message. In today’s technologically advancing world, the internet traffic has risen multifold and it will continue to rise in the future too, the majority among the internet searches is videos that as a medium have proven its effectiveness. Increasingly videos are being used to conduct online education courses, or for every problem on the internet, there is always a solution on YouTube videos. The customers connect to the videos for bigger episodic content marketing experience. The advantages of episodic content marketing are popularizing your brand, returning customers, subscriber list and much more.

Brands find episodic content marketing as a way to connect to its consumers on an ongoing basis for targeted marketing campaigns. There are already examples of successful brands using episodic content marketing to gain traction in the consumer dominated market.

The advantages of episodic content marketing are popularizing your brand, returning customers, subscriber list and much more. It is always beneficial by way of storytelling to connect with the consumers and keep them hooked with episodic content marketing.

The importance of developing a storyline

Constructing a storyline to captivate the viewers should be the prime objective of many enterprises making sure that it does not look like an ad. By creating characters that are fascinating and a plot that enthralls the target viewers with suspense and anticipation, will captivate the audience.

Engaging the target audience through Content Marketing
Engaging the target audience through Content Marketing

Creating anticipation

The television serials are addictive due to suspense and anticipation, to keep the viewers engaged wanting to know what would happen next.

A confidential study reveals, citing an example of watching Alfred Hitchcock movies that viewers’ behavior changed during high suspense and normal scenes. While watching high suspense scenes, the viewer tends to focus completely on the scene and the story while it is not the same while viewing normal scenes in the movie. Hence, every storytelling should have suspense to hook the viewers with captivating suspense actions to get the attention.

Even the Star TV mega serials in India too create hype and suspense with many women hooked to the TV during telecast in India. This is an addiction. Some of the ads in United States too use this technique of episodic content marketing.

Engaging your target customers

It is imperative that one has to take into consideration the target customers when creating episodic content. The characters and the narrative should relate to the target audience and connect with them instantly. Most brands use this episodic content marketing in the present market scenario.

Make your videos look natural like the real life happenings of people, take their behavior and mannerisms that should look natural and similar. This is the most effective way to connect to the right audience with your brand.

In a way it is beneficial to do episodic content marketing for brand positioning and establish a connect with the consumers in a telling manner.

Content writing myths

If you are, a content writer and looking for writing jobs independently then you are a freelance writer


If you are, a content writer and looking for writing jobs independently then you are a freelance writer. All freelance writers hunt for writing jobs or tasks, and this is due to the huge competition out there. As the entire world has come within the reach of an individual or a country because of the internet. Due to the internet, it has become easy to interact with other people however far they are by distance and the distance does not matter anymore. Communication has become so fast that people are competing globally for online jobs. In the past when the internet was not there, an individual was limited to his local area with fewer opportunities of finding a job.

Advice to aspiring freelance content writers

Now coming to the writing profession, a good English writer with English language skills can compete with anyone and anywhere in the world. At present, the competition has become so much that, there are many people out there looking for the slightest of an opportunity to grab jobs. Yes, there are people ready to write but you have to look at the quality of writing also. So to say, one has to be a very good writer of high quality to survive the competition. Writing content is not that easy or to say content creation is a talent with very few people who know how to use words to describe or story tell a particular topic. And this storytelling has to be done in a way that your language flow has to be free flowing keeping pace with your thoughts with a smooth transition from one particular story point to another.  Your minds have to be clutter free and blank for good output. Refer a lot of articles and write in your own style. It is like sowing seeds, strong seeds sprout to grow. You have to be one like them. Be strong and be bold. Express yourself in your writing. Take to online free courses and training to have an idea on how to write good content. The process of writing and so on. One has to hold on for a long time if one wants to see the required results. There is a vast scope of earning in this field.


The content writing has many specialties within it as a writer has to be within the scope of his specialization subject. A specialist in digital marketing has to be in the area of digital content creation, as he knows the subject very well; he can do justice to the topic he is writing. Similarly, a person who is adept in the academic subject has to stay within these academic credentials to be a good writer in his area of specialization. Moreover, here, there are some super special versatile freelance writers who can write on any subject are the people with immense all-round experience on all subjects. These people are the people with high credentials in their professions mostly senior citizens with varied experience in their lifetime. Good writers have the habit of writing habitually. Good writers are good readers also.  They read many topics during the day from the newspaper to magazines to attending their business needs and corresponding on various topics.

My Experience

Content writing is very much in demand in the present time as there is so much to write about, from online news to web content to advertising content. The subject is vast and wide. There is scope for everybody out there to get their piece of this content writing profession. One needs to be a quality writer with an uncluttered mind to create good pieces of writing.  Before I started writing, the job of writing seemed to be a big mountain, I used to think “what to write?” because my mind often went blank.

Referring books for content writing
Referring books for content writing

I wanted to be a blogger and write articles for my blog. I did not know where to start. I went on to copy and paste articles from other blogs/sites. That was very bad because it is “Plagiarism”. I wanted to be an adsense partner but my applications were being rejected because of plagiarized content of my blog. I created the blog but my content was bad copied content. It was not acceptable as a thumb rule in the internet fraternity. I desperately wanted to earn from this online mode, but could not succeed. Then I decided to write whatever I knew, putting my thoughts on paper then reading aloud if it makes sense while communicating with the readers. Is it engaging? Is the storytelling gripping and interesting? This was what I wanted to learn to write. With practice, and learning the inputs on how to write good content, reading many general and specialized topics to increase my knowledge base, I started to write.   I never knew how to check content for plagiarism. Today I check all my articles if they contain and look alike certain portions of content on other websites. As writing styles of people tend to be original if one writes by himself without being influenced by what has been written already, it is sure to pass the “plagiarism” test.

Content Writing Jobs

Some of the specializations in the field of content writing are article writing, article re-writing, writing blog posts, ghostwriting (that is writing for someone else), academic writing, technical writing, IT related writing, business writing, journalist writing, social media manager and so on. Choose the right one relating to your knowledge and skill. There are so many other jobs like digital marketing, copywriting, social media writing and so on, but choose the right one where you can be confident of executing what is needed by the employer.


There are many ways and means to earn from content writing profession if one takes it seriously and pursues this profession. The results are bound to come. I will be writing similar articles to help the aspiring content writers in their journey of content writing. Freelancing is a way to be independent and earn. The earning is directly proportional to the hard work you do, that is to say, you have to spend considerable time to create content for your employers.

How to choose the best summer camp program for your child?

Do you think summer camps are best for kids? Yes, the summer camps are not only recreational but also fun and frolic for kids. They have the opportunity to develop new skills and make new friends.

Summer Camp for Kids
Summer Camp for Kids

Are you looking for the best summer camp for your child to develop skills?

The first thing that a parent should consider while choosing the best summer camp for their child is to look out for camps that have accreditation license. To confirm this one can ask the director of any camp if they have the accreditation license and for how long they were operating.

Moreover, if the camp happens to have the accreditation from the American Camp Association (ACA), then you need to worry about the safety and happy experience of your child because accreditation is given to summer camps on certain parameters of qualification of their facilities and safety requirements. While there may be few far and wide camps that might not be eligible for accreditation because they are maybe new or too small to be certified.  Even accreditation might not help if the culture of the camp is not suitable for your child’s temperament, which is very rare.  All the summer camps are child-friendly.

This throws a predicament where a parent needs to ask many questions to join her child in the best summer camp program of their choice.

About the camp’s philosophy

Is the camp compatible with your child’s temperament? Are you satisfied with the camp’s program as a parent? Moreover, is it Competition Vs Cooperation? Are there any religious observances or practices as part of the program? If it is a sports camp with an affiliation to celebrity athlete, how much time and training the sports star is willing to impart to the child.

Recruiting, Screening, and training of staff

Are there any background checks for screening Counselors for a criminal record?

Staff Recruitment

Do your counselors return every year? According to ACA, 40 to 60% of counselors return to attend summer camps. If the return rate is lower than 50%, ask the question. If it is more than that, then it is quite okay. The more the better.

The ratio of Counselors to Campers

Ask and know about ACA requirements:

Overnight Summer Camp Day Summer camp 
RatioAge SegmentRatioAge Segment
1:67 to 8 y.o.1:86 to 8 y.o.
1:89 to 14 y.o.1:109 to 14 y.o.
1:1015 to 18 y.o.1:1215 to 18 y.o.







Age of the Counselors

As per the recommendation of ACA, the staff should be 18 years and above at 80% of the staff, at least two years older than campers they counsel.

Medical Staff and Back Up Facilities

As per the recommendation of ACA for overnight camps, the camp should have a licensed physician or registered nurse permanently until the end of the camp program.  Moreover, for Day camps, access to the direct phone is necessary.

Discipline and Conflicts between Campers

You need to know the rules of the camp program.  Know whether the camp’s policies are okay with you as a parent.  

Daily Schedule of the Camp

To decide whether your child is comfortable with the physical activity and whether the child is allowed to choose his activity for the day.


Whether the camp provides transport to the child, are their vehicles safe and inspected by the state authority, and the driver’s experience and training.


Ask for the references before joining your child for the summer camp program. The references of past and present parents of the kids of this camp, and of the parents who send their child regularly to this camp.

You can also consider the other factors that go into the development of your child during the summer vacation. The best to engage them is sending them to summer camps where they learn new skill sets and be sharp mentally.

Why Summer Camp for Your Child?

Summer Camp for Children

The summer camps give you many fond memories if you ever had gone to one. What a way to find the best friends and lifelong friends with memories of friendship bands and bracelets.  Where do you find them? You can find them in one of those summer camps where fun and frolic exists, and where the freedom of expression rules most.

Choosing the right summer camp has become a task nowadays.  We will discuss the factors that you have to consider in choosing the right summer camp.


This is an important factor wherein you have the option of discussing the summer with your child first hand. What are his expectations of the summer camp?  What does the child want from the program? Ask about the possibility of making new friends, and how about developing swimming skills, painting skills, oratory skills, tennis skills and much more.

A day or Overnight Camp

A great way for a child is going for a day camp where there is every chance that he would enjoy the time. While he can make new friends and develop new skills, enjoy the fun and frolic associated with a summer camp, he can also go home daily, can interact with his local friends who are generally the best pals, and play games with them after the summer camp hours.

Overnight camps too are exciting if your child opts to go for one.  It all depends on your child. It depends on you too if you can let go of the child for a week if you are a watchful parent.

Friends or no friends

If it is local, then the chance is your child knows more friends. Moreover, if you want your child to meet new ones, then sending him to overnight camps is the best option.  There is this need to commute for the overnight schools or a camp outside your place.

Camp’s Focus

Usually, camps offer many activities for the summer camp like archery, swimming, arts and crafts, team sports, ropes courses, music, and team building activities. This way the child learns new skills and new interests but if he wants to specialize in certain skill building and meet similar kids of the same interest, then joining him in specialty camp is the best option.


Asking questions is a novel way of zeroing in on your best option. Now is the time for reviews and prices. If you are going local and want to join friends, discussing with other parents about their kids summer camp plans is a better idea. Then you could end up with a list of best camps around that makes your decision very easy.

Camp Family

It is always better to know the people who are running the summer camps. You can meet the director of the camp along with child so also the counselors for first-hand information about their camp philosophy, this shows your commitment to the camp, and they, in turn, would be committed to your child’s happiness.

Learning is like honey the more you learn the sweeter its experiences. Summer is the time for brain gain if you do not keep abreast with learning; you will slow down in your academics when the regular starts after the vacation. Therefore, it is always better to join a summer camp to keep your child focused.

7 advantages of choosing the right summer day camp

The dilemma every parent faces is when the summer approaches and finally your kids’ holidays start. At one point, the kids at home can be an arduous task, because they do not stay at one place and they turn the home into shambles.  Everything at home in disorder because the child is so occupied and curious to know many things.  The best way to channelize his energies is to put him in a summer camp where he would be making new friends and at the same time developing new skill sets that would be useful later in his life. There is no way one can satisfy a child’s curiosity. The power of his mind and reach is enormous. Their imaginations are sometimes weird.

Kids playing with Cousellor during Summer Camp

The children always need downtime to rest and recharge, as you know summer learning loss is the most common phenomenon among kids. Hence, it is necessary to keep them occupied in constructive activities.

Give your child a reason to keep occupied; here are the advantages of summer camp:

Comfort Zone

Kids are always naughty and notorious, for the hell they create at home. They are busy bees and are always curious to know about things they see.  It is an arduous task for all parents to keep them disciplined, but the kids will not let go. Hence, the summer camp for them, to harness their energy and channelize their focus on activities and skills that are always useful in their lives in future, create comfort zones for them to learn new things.  


To keep our child engaged is the key to learning. The child tends to develop a liking for certain activities that they want it to reoccur often. This interest has the potential for the development of the child. Inculcate certain good athletic activities in your child and bring the best in him. As he ages, he will develop a keen interest to improve his skill in certain sports or activities.

Bestie Blues

Please do not choose the summer camp as per your kid’s choice, because his bestie goes to the same summer camp. Let your child develop new friends and explore new avenues to have more new besties. Draw him out that complex, prepare for a better tomorrow with new friends who could be useful for his development.


Usually, all summer camps focus on traditional activities like swimming, watersports, and hiking. This is an opportunity for your child to know about the outside world and learn survival skills. It is also beneficial to develop skills in STEAM activities due to the present day requirements.

Perfect Summer Camp

This is an important aspect of every parent to look for a good summer camp to boost the activities and skill sets of the child. There are numerous options of summer camps out there, ranging from soccer camps to chess camps to tennis camps, yes the options are many. In any which way, the summer camp has to be beneficial and advantageous for developing the child’s overall personality. After such a camp, the kids tend to be more confident to take up on the outside world or take up any challenging tasks. The summer camps change the mindset and comfort zones of the children, which is very good for personality improvement.


Sports always are interest subjects for many of us. Certain sports are even more intriguing and fascinating. Even the children have their favorite sports and favorite sports heroes who they want to emulate. Keep these interests going in the child for who knows his hidden talents? He might be born athlete with natural talent, only time will tell. Listen to the child sometimes, he might be saying something, please find out.

kids enjoying a computer game on laptop.
Kids enjoying computer games on laptop

All things said and done, it is always better to join your child in a summer camp instead of keeping him at home, where he can become a spoilt brat. Focus on his inner talents that he might be showing subconsciously. Encourage him to be himself and make him meet other kids and people, he might find the world more peaceful. Summer camps are the places where he can find an outlet for his talents to come out. Just make sure that he is busy with constructive activities.  Tell him inspirational stories at bedtime about sports heroes, about good ethics, about good hygiene, about good habits, eating etiquette, table manners and anything that leads to your kid’s progress as a good human being.