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If you are, a content writer and looking for writing jobs independently then you are a freelance writer


If you are, a content writer and looking for writing jobs independently then you are a freelance writer. All freelance writers hunt for writing jobs or tasks, and this is due to the huge competition out there. As the entire world has come within the reach of an individual or a country because of the internet. Due to the internet, it has become easy to interact with other people however far they are by distance and the distance does not matter anymore. Communication has become so fast that people are competing globally for online jobs. In the past when the internet was not there, an individual was limited to his local area with fewer opportunities of finding a job.

Advice to aspiring freelance content writers

Now coming to the writing profession, a good English writer with English language skills can compete with anyone and anywhere in the world. At present, the competition has become so much that, there are many people out there looking for the slightest of an opportunity to grab jobs. Yes, there are people ready to write but you have to look at the quality of writing also. So to say, one has to be a very good writer of high quality to survive the competition. Writing content is not that easy or to say content creation is a talent with very few people who know how to use words to describe or story tell a particular topic. And this storytelling has to be done in a way that your language flow has to be free flowing keeping pace with your thoughts with a smooth transition from one particular story point to another.  Your minds have to be clutter free and blank for good output. Refer a lot of articles and write in your own style. It is like sowing seeds, strong seeds sprout to grow. You have to be one like them. Be strong and be bold. Express yourself in your writing. Take to online free courses and training to have an idea on how to write good content. The process of writing and so on. One has to hold on for a long time if one wants to see the required results. There is a vast scope of earning in this field.


The content writing has many specialties within it as a writer has to be within the scope of his specialization subject. A specialist in digital marketing has to be in the area of digital content creation, as he knows the subject very well; he can do justice to the topic he is writing. Similarly, a person who is adept in the academic subject has to stay within these academic credentials to be a good writer in his area of specialization. Moreover, here, there are some super special versatile freelance writers who can write on any subject are the people with immense all-round experience on all subjects. These people are the people with high credentials in their professions mostly senior citizens with varied experience in their lifetime. Good writers have the habit of writing habitually. Good writers are good readers also.  They read many topics during the day from the newspaper to magazines to attending their business needs and corresponding on various topics.

My Experience

Content writing is very much in demand in the present time as there is so much to write about, from online news to web content to advertising content. The subject is vast and wide. There is scope for everybody out there to get their piece of this content writing profession. One needs to be a quality writer with an uncluttered mind to create good pieces of writing.  Before I started writing, the job of writing seemed to be a big mountain, I used to think “what to write?” because my mind often went blank.

Referring books for content writing
Referring books for content writing

I wanted to be a blogger and write articles for my blog. I did not know where to start. I went on to copy and paste articles from other blogs/sites. That was very bad because it is “Plagiarism”. I wanted to be an adsense partner but my applications were being rejected because of plagiarized content of my blog. I created the blog but my content was bad copied content. It was not acceptable as a thumb rule in the internet fraternity. I desperately wanted to earn from this online mode, but could not succeed. Then I decided to write whatever I knew, putting my thoughts on paper then reading aloud if it makes sense while communicating with the readers. Is it engaging? Is the storytelling gripping and interesting? This was what I wanted to learn to write. With practice, and learning the inputs on how to write good content, reading many general and specialized topics to increase my knowledge base, I started to write.   I never knew how to check content for plagiarism. Today I check all my articles if they contain and look alike certain portions of content on other websites. As writing styles of people tend to be original if one writes by himself without being influenced by what has been written already, it is sure to pass the “plagiarism” test.

Content Writing Jobs

Some of the specializations in the field of content writing are article writing, article re-writing, writing blog posts, ghostwriting (that is writing for someone else), academic writing, technical writing, IT related writing, business writing, journalist writing, social media manager and so on. Choose the right one relating to your knowledge and skill. There are so many other jobs like digital marketing, copywriting, social media writing and so on, but choose the right one where you can be confident of executing what is needed by the employer.


There are many ways and means to earn from content writing profession if one takes it seriously and pursues this profession. The results are bound to come. I will be writing similar articles to help the aspiring content writers in their journey of content writing. Freelancing is a way to be independent and earn. The earning is directly proportional to the hard work you do, that is to say, you have to spend considerable time to create content for your employers.

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