What is DT Ignite & How to Disable DT Ignite?

What is DT Ignite?

What is DT Ignite? To be precise, DT Ignite is primarily a system program app that stays in the background, which allows other carriers to advertise, installing the apps of the sponsors or advertisers on the carrier phone without permission or consent.

How does DT Ignite Work?

DT Ignite application platforms are written by Digital Turbine, hence the name DT Ignite. Digital Turbine combines Ad and Mobile application platforms to deliver innovative technology for app delivery. Digital Turbine caters to two segments for its two DT Ignite application platforms:

  1. App Advertising platform
  2. Mobile Delivery Platform

App Advertising Platform: This DT Ignite app is developed to reach more customers with targeted ads for App developers. This engagement lasts the life span of the device.   The Digital Turbine bridges both advertisers and app developers with customers the world over. It places the apps directly into the device without going through the app stores.

Mobile Delivery Platform: This DT Ignite app is for carriers to increase their revenue share through data usage and for sponsored advertising.


The DT Ignite is carrier bloatware and it is an application created by Digital Turbine hence its name DT. Primarily, the DT Ignite is for advertising directly on the mobile phones by pop-up messages, notifications, emails, and other methods. It is used for pre-loading other applications in the phone. It works in the background, it is more like spamming the owner of the phone with advertisements and silently loads the carrier phone with other apps shown as recommended and install them without notifying the owner of the device phone. The DT Ignite acts as a monitoring tool and uses up the data of the phone without consent or knowledge of the user of the phone hence bloating the data usage bill, by using the Android device phone data and it does not use Wi-Fi. It is bloatware. Do you know the definition of Bloatware? You can find the answer in google: “Bloatware: unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.”  This bloatware is also called Software bloat, which is defined in Wikipedia, where series of computer program versions get slower, using more memory and processing power. Their hardware requirements are more than the earlier version and making superficial cosmetic improvements in software features, which are redundant.

 The DT Ignite comes preinstalled in Android device phones supplied by service providers, the prominent ones being Verizon.  It is the largest wireless telecommunications provider in the US offering wireless products and services.  Not only Verizon, but the DT Ignite is also preinstalled in mobile devices provided by most of the other carriers like T-Mobile, US Cellular, AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Vodaphone, SingTel, America Movi, Cloudphone, MTS.

Digital Turbine describes its features of DT Ignite app management platform that enhances ad monetization on Android Smartphones. To confirm this, not only the Digital Turbine website show these telecom service providers on its site but also explains that it helps these carriers to have a competitive edge by using DT Ignite to maximize their revenue share.  The DT Ignite has good efficiency in preloading and post-loading applications on Android phones. This increases the ad revenue of the service providers for installing the unwanted “recommended” apps by using up the data on the customers Android device phones without either their permission or consent. Even if you uninstall the DT Ignite, it reinstalls itself after restarting the phone.  These recommended apps bloat the data usage bill of the customers. This DT Ignite drills a hole into the pockets of the loyal customers of these service providers.


Let us study how Carriers use the DT Ignite:

  1. Collecting customer’s usage data through DT Ignite and selling the usage data to advertisers for targeted ads.
  2. By installing bloatware apps as “recommended” apps which are sponsored by companies.
  3. Overage data charges on the customers for downloading and installing the “recommended” apps that are done by DT Ignite without consent or permission while they are on mobile data.

Almost all the carriers use DT Ignite preloaded or installed later on your carrier branded phone; it keeps recommending you to install apps without you knowing that it exists; while it silently works in the background. The overall scenario is that the telecom service providers use this DT Ignite app for increasing their own revenue share.

More wireless telecom providers are locking the devices they are selling after installation of preloaded apps and bloatware on Android smartphones. It is widespread practice by all the carriers to do this for their own profitability. Most of the mobile device owners find it difficult to get rid of this DT Ignite bloatware, which we can call it as spyware because it controls what we do with the mobile device, as they are preinstalled. There are ways to disable this DT Ignite if you cannot completely uninstall it.

Generally, the android phones are set up before they are sold because the telecom service providers are very firm to have control over the devices. They are paid for the pre-installed apps and they are profited when the device uses up the data for this DT Ignite bloatware as data usage charges.


How to disable DT Ignite?

Usually, the mobile devices provided by the carriers come with preinstalled apps. These mobile devices or Android smartphones generally load many bloatware apps. One of the common applications you find amongst all the bloatware apps is DT Ignite, which is invariably on all smartphone devices nowadays. This DT Ignite is specially developed for carriers as a preinstalled app to help them to harness multiple revenue streams. Now is the time to know how to disable DT Ignite.

Usually, DT Ignite comes preinstalled with the Android Smartphone or it is installed after an update and it is very important to know about it. Most of these bloatware apps were deleted from Google play store as a clean-up measure some time back as these apps were detected for collecting user information so also other malware. As the bloatware cause a spamming and undue disturbance while using the Android device phone, it is all the more important that we know how to disable DT Ignite.

As DT Ignite app is accepted and preinstalled in Android mobile device by most of the carriers, especially Verizon because it is the largest wireless telecom services provider in the United States. The DT Ignite app is used for advertising, marketing the other market apps through email, pop up messages, mobile phone notifications, and other campaigns.  This DT Ignite pushes and recommends other apps to be installed on the Android mobile phone while using up the data of the mobile phone, which is very cumbersome and irritating. It is more like spamming, and if you are doing some work or typing any messages, or going through reports or seeing your emails, it always throws something up in the middle for you to get disturbed. In addition, it is bloatware, which also uses the battery power, processing resources hence slowing down the Android device phone. There is no need to be hassled by this, as there are ways to disable this DT Ignite application. By disabling this DT Ignite app, you can save a byte of these processors.

The bitter part of getting rid of this DT Ignite is that neither you cannot uninstall the application permanently nor temporarily, as it is a part of a firmware update, you can only disable it. Once you disable the DT Ignite app, it stops working in the background or foreground. Verizon, the largest telecom service provider in the US, has officially recognized DT Ignite (Digital Turbine) app and in its statement mentioned that this DT Ignite app is for the need of installing the necessary apps on a customer phone and it does not do anything more than that.  At most times and most of the times, there have been negative discussions and negative comments on the DT Ignite app. These were generally happening in multiple forums.

However, the matter of discussions on DT Ignite whether the comments are positive or negative, it always differed among people. The ultimate aim is to disable the DT Ignite app if it cannot be completely removed from the Android device phone. Mainly the DT Ignite app is not useful to the end consumer; it only benefited the Carriers or the other app developers to fill their coffers.

As mentioned earlier, the Android device phones are sold preinstalled with DT Ignite apps or added after an update.

How to Disable the DT Ignite App on Android Device Phones?


  1. Pull down the top of the screen and access the notification shade.
  2. Tap on the settings icon.
  3. Tap on the apps manager
  4. Tap the menu tab on the top right corner
  5. Tap show system
  6. Scroll and find the DT Ignite
  7. Tap Disable

This is the way to disable the DT Ignite application. A great way to get rid of the bloatware is disabling it.

Take an example of working on a Samsung High-end Phone, we come to know there are a number of bloatware apps, if we can disable them, we will be able to free 1.5 GB Ram space and much more internal storage.

After all the pros and cons weighed on how to disable DT Ignite app on the Android mobile device and the urgent need to do it immediately, we find people having different opinions on this subject. Some say the app is essential and some say it is a spammer. The people who find it useful are the ones who think that this DT Ignite app makes it easy to find apps and install them without going to the Google Play Store app. Some are of the opinion that this app hinders their daily work and progress at workplace. The ultimate aim of developing this app by Digital Turbine is for aiding the carriers and the app developers, which drove their revenues. It was multi-pronged strategy for all the players involved for emergence of this DT Ignite application.

Coming to the users of high-end Android mobile phones of Samsung, HTC and others, some of the users find this app as a bloatware that pushes and reminds the user to install other bloatware apps, which are not at useful at all. Without knowing the way to uninstall the app, they were helpless, as they do not know that the DT Ignite can only be disable and not uninstalled.

The carriers are the ones who sell the android device phones and the invariably lets the DT Ignite app be added after a software update. The general people will not be able to find the DT Ignite app initially as it would be busy working in the background. Generally, people are not knowledgeable that such app is there. Now many people have come to know about it and are disabling the app without attempting to uninstall it. All said and done, the only way to get rid of the DT Ignite app is to disable it, because it cannot be uninstalled completely. This is the best way to do it.