What is episodic content marketing?

episodic content marketing

How do you stand out among the crowd when so much content is flooding the market? Some of the marketers in today’s generation are turning to episodic content marketing to beat the competition. Captivating your audience with Episodic content is the norm today.

Episodic content marketing and its impact on target audience

Episodic content marketing is a lengthy content divided into small “episodes”. The process of storytelling that follows a plot, and slowly reveals the suspense with each episode is episodic content. This way of storytelling has an impact on the minds of the viewers and is an efficacious way of connecting with prospective customers who keep wanting for more.

The various episodic content marketing ways are through blog post articles and videos, where videos are more effective in conveying the content message. In today’s technologically advancing world, the internet traffic has risen multifold and it will continue to rise in the future too, the majority among the internet searches is videos that as a medium have proven its effectiveness. Increasingly videos are being used to conduct online education courses, or for every problem on the internet, there is always a solution on YouTube videos. The customers connect to the videos for bigger episodic content marketing experience. The advantages of episodic content marketing are popularizing your brand, returning customers, subscriber list and much more.

Brands find episodic content marketing as a way to connect to its consumers on an ongoing basis for targeted marketing campaigns. There are already examples of successful brands using episodic content marketing to gain traction in the consumer dominated market.

The advantages of episodic content marketing are popularizing your brand, returning customers, subscriber list and much more. It is always beneficial by way of storytelling to connect with the consumers and keep them hooked with episodic content marketing.

The importance of developing a storyline

Constructing a storyline to captivate the viewers should be the prime objective of many enterprises making sure that it does not look like an ad. By creating characters that are fascinating and a plot that enthralls the target viewers with suspense and anticipation, will captivate the audience.

Engaging the target audience through Content Marketing
Engaging the target audience through Content Marketing

Creating anticipation

The television serials are addictive due to suspense and anticipation, to keep the viewers engaged wanting to know what would happen next.

A confidential study reveals, citing an example of watching Alfred Hitchcock movies that viewers’ behavior changed during high suspense and normal scenes. While watching high suspense scenes, the viewer tends to focus completely on the scene and the story while it is not the same while viewing normal scenes in the movie. Hence, every storytelling should have suspense to hook the viewers with captivating suspense actions to get the attention.

Even the Star TV mega serials in India too create hype and suspense with many women hooked to the TV during telecast in India. This is an addiction. Some of the ads in United States too use this technique of episodic content marketing.

Engaging your target customers

It is imperative that one has to take into consideration the target customers when creating episodic content. The characters and the narrative should relate to the target audience and connect with them instantly. Most brands use this episodic content marketing in the present market scenario.

Make your videos look natural like the real life happenings of people, take their behavior and mannerisms that should look natural and similar. This is the most effective way to connect to the right audience with your brand.

In a way it is beneficial to do episodic content marketing for brand positioning and establish a connect with the consumers in a telling manner.

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